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02 July 2010 @ 08:46 pm
  1. Everything is in mint condition.
  2. All prices include flat rate shipping.
  3. Paypal only (Credit Card Paypal need to pay extra to cover the fee) (other payments to be discussed)
  4. Everything will be shipped out from U.S.
  5. If you feel unsafe, please ask for registered mail by paying $10.50 extra. I am not responsible for lost items though.
A. Dream Live 5 Pamphlet  $30  (Top left-hand corner is bent a little, about an inch, due to shipping) /  Hyotei feat Higa Pamphlet $33  (Japan version and Taiwan version, both are Kazuki & Takumi group)


B. Kazuki Kato Photo Books (Voyage and Singer, $25 each)


C. Higamyu Rokkaku Postcards $13/ Kawai Ryunosuke Autograph postcards $15 / In Love $40 (brand new)


D. Photosets $8 per set


E. Magzines ( $12 each, no posters included)
1. cast prix vol. 3
2. cast prix vol. 8
3. best actor vol. 3
4. visual boy vol. 1 , DVD included
5. cool up vol. 11

F. Magazine Clippings, posters (you tell me who you like, and I will let you know what I have) $2~5 per person + shipping


I am moving to another state, can't take these with me, help out! If you live in the states or buy multiple items, I will give discounts. Thanks for checking~

28 May 2009 @ 11:23 pm
  1. Everything is in mint condition.
  2. All prices include flat rate shipping.
  3. Paypal only (Credit Card Paypal need to pay extra to cover the fee) (other payments to be discussed)
  4. Everything will be shipped out from U.S.
  5. If you feel unsafe, please ask for registered mail by paying $10.50 extra. I am not responsible for lost items though.
09 July 2008 @ 06:12 pm
All items are brand new, and the prices include shipping in U.S.
Paypal preferred, other payment methods can be discussed. (If paying with credit card paypal, I will charge extra to cover the fee)
I'm willing to send to other countries with extra shipping fees.

Hello Kitty Cell Phone Charms (frog, pig, dog, bear) : $7.00 each shipped in U.S.
Length: 6 inches
Hello Kitty Figure: 0.5 inches



Hello Kitty Card Case $8.00 shipped in U.S.
About 3.5 X 2.5 inches

25 February 2008 @ 07:49 pm

  1. Everything is in mint condition.
  2. All prices include flat rate shipping.
  3. Paypal only (Credit Card Paypal need to pay extra to cover the fee) (other payments to be discussed)
  4. Everything will be shipped out from U.S.
  5. If you feel unsafe, please ask for registered mail by paying $10.50 extra. I am not responsible for lost items though.

Rikkai Higamyu Clear files (3): SOLD

Rikkai DL5 Specials (2 cards & 2 clear bags): SOLD

Rokkaku DL5 Specials: $20.00

Other ones:
Jutta Higamyu: SOLD
Takumi Rokkumyu: SOLD
Kazuki Kato Rokkumyu: $20 
Kazuki Kato DL3: $20


IN LOVE $50  with the postcard (Brand new, never opened):

The following magzines are missing pages (but all posts are in), and I am only willing to ship inside U.S. b/c it's too expensive to ship outside.

Cool Up vol 9 (06): missing Aiba Hiroki's pages, $15.00 shipped
Cool Up vol 12 (09): missing Kato Kazuki's pages, $15.00 shipped
If you need to know details in the mags, just ask!

Feel free to ask any questions~~  >_<
21 February 2008 @ 07:21 pm

The PIA site just updated that the online order begins on 04/10/08, so I am planing place the order around Apr 12 or so.


The commission per item (shipping in U.S. and to Canada included)(shipping to other countries to be discussed):

  • 2500 yen and above: $15 per item
  • 2000 yen and below: $10 per item
Depending on the number of items of the entire order, the commission could be lowered.

Price for item: take the yen divided by 100 for an estimate US dollar amount; I will know the exact exchange rate when I pay my proxy Japanese yen through paypal. 

Payment: paypal (No credit card paypal unless you pay me 4% paypal fee), other payments can be discussed.

Please feel free to ask any question.

Turns out that I am able to pick up my order when I'm staying in Japan for the "Scape & Build" live. SO the "in love" pamphlet is $40.00, and the calendar is $35.00, plus the shipping.


 P.S.  Anyone interested in Kazuki’s fan club booklets in 2008?  I currently have two memberships (from Mar 2008 to Feb 2009) (why I have two? – ‘cause I’m stupid TAT  I did one in Nov. last year, after three months nothing’s been heard, I did another one. A week ago, the first one told me “you’ve joined in”. Yeah, great, now I have twooooo)  I am selling the membership for $140.00 + shipping to your place( payment can be made out by 4 times). So what you're going to get are:

4 issues of the booklets in 2008, anything else comes with the booklet(new year cards etc.), and assisting you order those goods only for Fan Club members.(THANK YOU MOKU CHAN!)

a little update with the fan club info.:

  • I have received the gift for joining the club -- a clear file
  • the first booklet in 2008 has been issued, but it may take a while for me to get since the agency hasn't given me any notice.
  • there will be fan club only goods for Kazuki's two-year anniversary.
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12 January 2008 @ 09:11 pm
This post updated May 23rd, 2008

I have a few magazines, but I am only interested in Kazuki Katou's pages, which means I will cut off  those pages and you get the rest, including other's poster. 

I am also open to sell the clippings (usually is about $2~4 dollar for each person/group (from one mag)) and posters ($3 each) and plus the shipping to your place.  (If you see some one's name is crossed out, that means "sold")

Arena 37 Special vol.44 : 4+shipping, missing 10p of Kazuki Kato
  • Two-side poster of Alice Nine & Tetra-Fang (Koji Seto)
  • Two-side poster of Nagakauchi Masataka & Kra
  • Alice Nine 26p
  • Kagrra, Kra about 10p each
  • Tetra-Fang, PureBOYS about 8p each
  • Nagakauchi Masataka 18p

Cool Up 05: $8 + shipping, missing 3p of Kazuki Kato
  • Two-side poster of Koji Seto
  • Two-side small poster of Takeru Sato  and Hiroki Aiba&Gaku Shindo
  • Two-side small poster of Renn Kiriyama and Hirofumi Araki
  • Koji Seto 15p
  • Keisuke Kato & Kouhei Takeda, Sakurada Dori  3p each
  • Hirofumi Araki, Renn Kiriyama 10p each
  • Hiroki Aiba & Gaku Shindo,  Run & Gun 4p each
  • Uichi Nakamura 6p
  • Takeru Sato,  Takuya,  Yuya Kido,  Tomo Ganagishita 2p each

Cinema Square vol 17: $8 + shipping (missing two pages)

  • Koichi Domoto 6p  Yuichi Nakamura 3p
  • Tomohisa Yamashita & Show Aikawa 4p
  • 花より男子:shooting scene, Matsumoto & Inoue 8p
  • Takeshi Kaneshiro,  Yutaka Takenouchi,  Takashi Tsukamoto about 4p each
  • Tomoya Nagase, Hayato Ichihara, Yakkun Skuraduka, Hiroki Aiba & Toru Baba, Lena Tanaka, and many others
MusiQ April 08 vol 11: $10+shipping (Missing 2p)
  • the Gazette 20p
  • Nightmare 5p
  • Inoran & Naotarou Moriyama 7p
  • Kimeru 3p, Alvino 3p, Remi & Live 3p, and others
  • 50 minutes DVD: the Gazette, Nightmare, Inoran & Naotarou, Alvino, Remi & Live, Kazuki Kato
Arena 37c Apr 08: $6 + shipping (missing 7p)
  • two-side poster of Acid Black Cherry, one side poster of Miyavi
  • Acid Black Cherry 19p
  • John-Hoon, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Glay,  Miyavi, Nightmare about 6p each
  • Alice Nine 11p
  • Masataka Nakagauchi, Gazette, Kra, Date Koji,  SHOWTA, Kagrra, JONTE, AAA, S.Q.F., Alvino, Orange Range, MASQUERRADE, and many others

Arena 37c Special vol 43  $5+ shipping  (missing 8p kazuki)
  • Two-side big poster of Ryuichi Kawamura
  • Two-side big poster of Masataka Nakagauchi & 平川地一丁目
  • Ryuichi Kawamura 28p,   John-Hoon 20p
  • Masataka Nakagauchi, 平川地一丁目 8p each
  • Age-Of-EP, PureBOYS, 游吟, 6p each

Cool Up Vol. 7  $12+ shipping (missing 4p kazuki)

  • Two-side big poster of Hiroki Aiba
  • Two-side small poster of Takeru Sato and Renn Kiriyama
  • Two-side small poster of Yuichi Nakamura and Kouji Seto
  • Hiroki Aiba 14p   Takeru Sato 9p   Kouji Seto 10p  Yuichi Nakamura 11p
  • Renn Kiriyama, Frogs, Run&Gun, about 5p
  • Hirofumi Araki 4p
  • Kesuke Minami, Yanagishita Tomo 2p

Good Come Spring 4  $15+ shipping (missing 4p and a small poster of kazuki kato)
  •  A small poster: one side of Hiro Mizushima, and the other side of Takeru Sato & Yuichi Nakamura
  • Takeru & Yuichi 14p
  • Hiroki Suzuki & Hirofumi Araki 8p
  • Baba Toru & Nakagauchi Masataka 5p
  • Bomb Bee Man (Oguri Shun), Shirota Yu, Frogs, Igarashi Shunji & Yanagi Kotaro, Yanagishita Tomo & Koji Seto, Pure Boys, Hiroki Aiba & Renn Kiriyama, Shinpei Takagi & Jutta Yuki, (about 3 or 4 p each)

The Television Homme: 
  • Oguri Shun 10p
  • Yuta Hiraoka, Hiro Mizushima, Kei Tanaka, Osamu Mukai, Haruma Miura, Hiroshi Tamaki, Shota Matsuda (about 4p/person)
  • D-BOYS 13p
  • PureBoys 6p
  • Fahrenheit, Shogo Sakamoto, Ryo Kimura x Shunji Igarashi (about 3p/person)
  • 60 mins DVD (Mizushima, Mukai, Tanaka, Shirota, Nakamura, Wada, Suzuki, Araki, Pureboys, Fahrenheit)(because it doesn't have Kato in it, it is still unopened

from Arena 37 special vol 42 (price not including shipping)
  • LUNA SEA CLIPPING (18p)   $3
  • INORAN (10P)  $3
  • RAG FAIR (17P) $3

The following magazines are missing pages of the person/group crossed out.


Arena 37C Feb 2008: missing pages of kazuki & miyavi + the poster of  kazuki kato and alice nine
  • a two-side poster of Dong Bang Shin Ki
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki 20p
  • UVERworld 10p
  • Acid Black Cherry 10p
  • Naohito Fujiki, Nightmare, Miyavi (about 6p each)
  • You, Kra, the GazettE, Scarecrow (about 4p each)  and many others

PATI PATI feb 2008: missing 8p and the poster of UVERworld and Kazuki Kato
  • UVERworld 16p
  • SID, Dong Bang Shin Ki, An Cafe (about 6p)
  • KCB, Naohito Fujiki, Chatmonchy, Naozumi Takahashi, Mihimaru GT, Chemistry and many others.

Arena 37c Dec: missing pages of  Katou Kazuki and his posters & miyavi
  •    a  big two-side poster of Nightmare and Naozumit Takahashi (there are two long marks on the side of Nightmare T_T )
  •     Nightmare 20p
  •     Dong Bang Shin Ki  13p
  •     Alice nine 12p
  •     SID        10p
  •     Acid Black Cherry, Winds, Naozumit Takahashi, UVERworld, Miyavi   about 5p each

I am also open to sell the clippings, usually is about $2~4 dollar for each person/group (from one mag), and plus the shipping to your place.

Paypal (credit card paypal need to pay extra fee), Cash at buyers' own risk. (other payment can be discussed)
Everything is in mind condition and will be shipped from U.S.
Please feel free to ask any questions. >_<
    Rikkai photosets: $16 each

masa, yukimura, kirihara, kanesaki, kento
SOLD: baba, irei on Ebay
Left:  Jutta

    Higamyu pamphlet: $35 -- SOLD

    Rikkai clear files: $20   SOLD!!!  >_<

    Takumi's Rokkakumyu photosets: $16
    Ruito's Rokkakumyu photosets:$16 SOLD


Kazuki's 55mm DVD: $17 (only watched once, excellent condition)(The pic happens to have "Face pamphlet" in it, but the pamphlet is not for sale >_<) SOLD

The thing good for cosplay: $5, 3"W 3.75" H SOLD

Everything is in mint condition.

Shipping included and everything will be shipped from U.S. 

Paypal ONLY!!! NO CREDIT CARD PLEASE!!! (unless you willing to pay for the extra fee)

Shipped as of Jan 5th: kasey_sanada, hyper_neko5, innusiq.
Shipped as of Jan 9th: squishijilly, firefly_13
23 December 2007 @ 10:29 am

I received these two magazines yesterday, so they are definitely in mint condition.  However, I am only interested in Kato Kazuki (加藤和樹)'s pages, which means I will cut off those pages, and you will get the rest of them, including other people's posters.

Arena 37c Dec: $8 + shipping,  (will missing 5 pages and one of the posters)
  •    a  big two-side poster of Nightmare and Naozumit Takahashi (there are two long marks on the    side of Nightmare. I have no clue how the marks got there)
  •     Nightmare 20p
  •     Dong Bang Shin Ki  13p
  •     Alice nine 12p
  •     SID        10p
  •     Acid Black Cherry, Miyavi, Winds, Naozumit Takahashi, UVERworld    about 5p each

Cool Up 6        : $15 + shipping, (will missing 3 pages)  SOLD!

I am also open to sell the clippings, just let me know who you are interested in.

I also have Cool Up 2 and HM3 Men's Extra vol.1 for clippings.

Cool Up 2 :
             Hiroki Aiba 7p,  AAA 10p,  Hiroki Suzuki x Hirofumi Araki 10p,   Ryohei Chiba 7p

  1. Yuu Shirota 7p+poster,   Takashi Nagayama 5p+poster,   Ryuji Sainei 9p+poster, 
  2. Souta Aoyama, Hiro Mizushima, Yuki Sato, Takumi Saitoh, Kohei Kumai, Yoshihiko Hosoda, Kenta Kamakari, Kimeru  (about 3p/each person)

Paypal only. Please NO CREDIT CARD!!!  (I live in the U.S.)
08 December 2007 @ 11:54 am
The calendar itself is $55, and the shipping will be charged separately.

The estimate shipping:
Within U.S.: $5 for the flat rate with the confirmation delivery.
To everywhere else: 15$ for the register mail.

If you really want to buy it, I will go to the post office to get the actual shipping fee. However, I won’t ship this thing without a tracking number. I just lost a $300 worth stuff, and I can’t afford another heart attack.

I only accept paypal, NO CREDIT CARD. Unless you want to pay me the extra fee that Paypal charges.

I just got the calendar today by EMS. This is the pic (box is unopened):

To assure you that I do have two Iwaki calendars, here is what I put on my wall (the other half is for Katou ^_^):

Feel free to ask any questions. ^_^



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03 December 2007 @ 09:18 pm
For the past two months, from the time I got so interested in Kazuki, I have been waiting, waiting for one package after another. But now it seems that I got a bit exhausted. It just drives me nuts when I am searching through YJA day by day, checking my email every minutes, and counting my finger over and over. Even worse, I can't focus on my job. Without the concentration, the day just never ends. I really need to stop this, but no way , no how.

The new list that I am waiting:

1. Iwaki & Kato's 2008 calendars (probably I will never never shop at that site again because they have no idea how to get work done efficiently. The calendars will have been out for a month by the time I get them, and I ordered the EMS. Thank god I received my Iwaki from a different site in SIX days after it got released .)

2. HM3 men's extra vol.1. (probably I will never want to bid at YJA again 'cause the thing I was interested everyone was interested, too. And after that, someone got the same thing cheaper. Do you guy know I need to pay a lot of extra money to bid from the U.S. I HATE YJA!!! I believe most of my exhaustion came from there. Now I am just watching and no whatsoever desire to bid.

3. Arena37C and Cool Up 6. (No comment. They are just holding my order because they can't find the stupid Cool Up 6. If it is not for the Kazuki's big poster in Arena37C, I won't order the Cool up 6 just to make the order to be qualified for the free shipping. And Cool Up 6 just has three pages of Kazuki. I swear that once I get the book, I will cut off other people and sell them.)

4. Kazuki's 2007 Calendar. (Please don't get lost. I can't afford another heart attack.)
5. IN LOVEs (Looking forward for my bonus extras)

6. Kazuki's fanclub card (This is the most important thing. I have to be patient. patient. patient)

7. three magazines.

8. higamyu photosets and pamphlet.

9. as today 12/22/07, two more magazines + the next booklet ( There are three more magazines I know I am going to pre-order once they appears on Amazon Japan. And I just know that Cool up 7 is coming out on 1/27/08 with another serial of "Just Do It". Oh! I feel so depressed right now when realizing I get this magazine obsession. I am totally going to be broke.)
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