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03 December 2007 @ 09:18 pm
waiting. . . wasting. . .  
For the past two months, from the time I got so interested in Kazuki, I have been waiting, waiting for one package after another. But now it seems that I got a bit exhausted. It just drives me nuts when I am searching through YJA day by day, checking my email every minutes, and counting my finger over and over. Even worse, I can't focus on my job. Without the concentration, the day just never ends. I really need to stop this, but no way , no how.

The new list that I am waiting:

1. Iwaki & Kato's 2008 calendars (probably I will never never shop at that site again because they have no idea how to get work done efficiently. The calendars will have been out for a month by the time I get them, and I ordered the EMS. Thank god I received my Iwaki from a different site in SIX days after it got released .)

2. HM3 men's extra vol.1. (probably I will never want to bid at YJA again 'cause the thing I was interested everyone was interested, too. And after that, someone got the same thing cheaper. Do you guy know I need to pay a lot of extra money to bid from the U.S. I HATE YJA!!! I believe most of my exhaustion came from there. Now I am just watching and no whatsoever desire to bid.

3. Arena37C and Cool Up 6. (No comment. They are just holding my order because they can't find the stupid Cool Up 6. If it is not for the Kazuki's big poster in Arena37C, I won't order the Cool up 6 just to make the order to be qualified for the free shipping. And Cool Up 6 just has three pages of Kazuki. I swear that once I get the book, I will cut off other people and sell them.)

4. Kazuki's 2007 Calendar. (Please don't get lost. I can't afford another heart attack.)
5. IN LOVEs (Looking forward for my bonus extras)

6. Kazuki's fanclub card (This is the most important thing. I have to be patient. patient. patient)

7. three magazines.

8. higamyu photosets and pamphlet.

9. as today 12/22/07, two more magazines + the next booklet ( There are three more magazines I know I am going to pre-order once they appears on Amazon Japan. And I just know that Cool up 7 is coming out on 1/27/08 with another serial of "Just Do It". Oh! I feel so depressed right now when realizing I get this magazine obsession. I am totally going to be broke.)
Current Mood: bitchybitchy